Student Paper Award Winners

Hiroyuki Asahara (Oita University, Japan)
Nonlinear Dynamics in Buck-Boost Converter with Spike Noise

Koji Kurose (Tohoku University, Japan)
Analyses of Coupled Hindmarsh-Rose Type Bursting Oscillators

Koichi Takahashi (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)
Facial Expression Recognition Using a Simplified Head Model and RBF Networks

Dani Tannir (McGill University, Canada)
Single-Tone Moments Based Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of Nonlinear Intermodulation Distortion in RF Circuits

Athanasios Tsanas (University of Oxford, UK)
New nonlinear markers and insights into speech signal degradation for effective tracking of Parkinson’s disease symptom severity

Final program and events

Final program:

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Technical plenary events:

Sep 6 (Mon)
09:00-09:20 Opening Ceremony
09:20-10:20 Plenary Talk 1
Prof. Albert Goldbeter (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

Sep 7 (Tue)
11:10-12:10 Prenary Talk 2
Prof. Hideki Asai (Shizuoka University, Japan)

Sep 8 (Wed)
11:10-12:10 Prenary Talk 3
Prof. Martin Hasler (EPFL, Switzerland)

Social events:

Sep. 5 (Sun)
Welcome Reception at the Krakow International Culture Center (Conference site).

Sep. 6 (Mon)
Countryside Dinner at the Zalesie Manor
Bus departure: at 18:30 from the Radisson Blu Hotel.
#Zalesie Manor is located 25 km from Krakow.

Sep 7 (Tue)
Gala Dinner at the “Wierzynek” restaurant
Address: 15, Market Square

Invitation Letter

If a NOLTA2010 invitation letter is needed to obtain a visa or
permission of the conference attendance, please request it to the conference committee:
with the following information:
Your Name, Paper ID, Paper title, All author name(s) of the paper
Basically, we can send a pdf version by e-mail. If you need an original version by postal mail, please let us know that with your postal-mail address.